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M.i.l. "on" Dtc P0420 Doc Eg028-04.pdf

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I own Corolla 2003 model, with 3zz engine and got the problem in 2005, then the fix was replacment of the catalytic converter, without any change in the ECM.


Now the problem return, and the found listed doc link




I want to know if this document I found in the web is real TOYOTA doc.

Is it apply to 3ZZ engine ?


How I can conect Toyota Main in JAPAN Direct with out delar help.



Thanks YAIR

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That TSB was for North American bound 1ZZ-FE engined Toyota Corollas only - with the ECM programmed before a certain poduction date. It is possible that there is one that exists for other markets that use the 1.6L 3ZZ engine - but you will need to contact your dealership to be sure - all factory dealerships should be able to look this information up on their own database.


Note that this is a TSB - does not apply to all Toyota Corollas and not usually part of the factory warranty - this means that you will generally pay out of pocket for this repair - depending on your market. Even in some Toyota Corollas in our North American market was not helped by this TSB - many did require a new catalytic converter. Fortunantely, many had help through the US federal emissions warranty program and were able to get them covered under warranty. You can try contacting Toyota through their website - and see if you can contact someone in Toyota Corporate for assistance.

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Guest Rafi Unixman



I'm in a similar condition, and would be very happy to contact you in order to share information and ideas.

Please contact me to my email at rafi.unixman AT gmail.com

(replace the AT with @)





I found the link



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