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8th Gen Gauges

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Guest Tash

I having exactly the same problem.

If you still remember, can anybody please write me step by step guide how to fix this issue.

Thank you!

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On ?2?/?3?/?2007 at 11:47 PM, baadpuppy said:

ok, I've laboriously traced out each connection from the connectors to the items they connect to. I did this by drawing a different colored line on each trace in the scans of the circuits.


I don't have any official docs (like a factory service manual, or factory wiring diagram), so in the absense of the correct names for the connectory, I simply named them C1 thru C5, with C2 being the 3 pin ABS related connector, counting from left to right with the connectors at the top of the board from the back. In other words, from left to right in the pictures I posted in the previous post. I numbered the pins the same way, from 1 to whatever.


Here are the changes:


C1 pin 9: original goes to: IG+ for Fuel and Temp gauges, and these lamps: CEL, Windshield Washer, O/D off, Oil, Cruise, Seatbelt, Brake. New one goes to: IG+ for Fuel, speedometer, tachometer, and temp gauge. These lamps: CEL, WW, O/D, ABS, Low Gas, Brake, Seatbelt, Oil, Cruise


C2 pin 2: original goes to: C3 pin 2, Rear Defrost Lamp, odd circuit behind speedo, L and R turn signals, High beam. New one goes to: C3 pin 2, odd circuit behind speedo, L and R turn signals.


C3 pin 10: original goes to: SE on speedometer, E on fuel gauge, C4 pin 2. New goes to: C4 pin 2, C4 pin 1, SE on speedometer and fuel and tachometer


C3 pin 11: original goes to: Rear Defrost. New goes to Left Turn Lamp


C3 pin 12: original goes to: Left Turn Lamp. New goes to: high beam other leg.


C4 pin 1: original isn't connected, new is: C4 pin 2, C3 pin 10, SE on speedometer and fuel and tachometer

C4 pin 2: original is: SE on speedometer, E on Fuel Gauge, C3 pin 10. new is: C4 pin 1, C3 pin 10, SE on speedometer, fuel, tachometer.


C4 pin 9: original isn't connected, new is: TAM on tachometer


C4 pin 14: original isn't connected, new is: IG- on tachometer


C5 pin 9: original is +B on speedo, door ajar lamp, new is: +B on speedo, +B on tach, door ajar lamp


I don't think I did any damage with the incorrect cluster in. However, I'm hesitant to try it in the car again. I'm keeping my eye open for a different cluster


I'm wondering if this cluster didn't perhaps come from a different model of toyota. Does anyone know how interchangable they might be? I know the ebayer said it came from a corolla, but you never know. Of course, a different model year might explain it.



I was thinking wrong trim or year. Or maybe it came from a Chevy Prizm? But the Corolla and Prizm gauges, like the cars themselves look alike. I mean, if I see a Prizmoid (my term for Corollas with a Prizm twin) Corolla in a video, the gauge cluster's indistinguishable from the ones in the Prizm. Prizm engine, transmission and electrical mimic the parallel Corollas. Maybe there's some hidden differences between Prizm and Corolla gauges, but from my family's years of Prizm ownership, combined with what I mention here, they look interchangeable. 

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