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Auto-rx And Sludge

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Thanks for the head's up - I've always read about good things about Auto-RX, but found their claims to be a little "too" good. Most of member of this forum tend to have a more skeptical view on additives. BITOG has always had a mixed bag of postings - just have to weed through the B.S./paid posters there to get at the relevant information - too bad, as there is a lot of good information on that forum, just hard to discriminate between honest opinions and experiences vs the marketing engine behind some of those products.

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Post Info TOPIC: LIVE IN CALIFORNIA ? Emission Test RESULTS 9-13

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Date: 06:43 AM Oct 8, 2013

Hi Frank,

Well my numbers were better and the oil consumption has gone down quite a bit. It also turns out that my catalatic converter is not as good as it should have been. I ended up with a conditional pass which means I have a year to fix my problem.
Your products deffinently does work. I will use it again.
William XXXXX


On Saturday, August 17, 2013, Frank Miller wrote:

8-17 Please let me know how your test goes (or went)


Frank Miller

Frank J. Miller
This post is from the owner of auto-rx that is posted on his board, problem here is that this post is entirely made up. Where are the before and after emmission test numbers, how much better were the numbers, how much did oil consumption go down. The thing that shows us this post is not true is when we look at the spelling, Frank Miller is a terrible speller, he should probably use spell check, he spells the word definitely wrong. This is how he spelled it, DEFFINENTLY, I looked the word up and there is no such word. Things are so bad at auto-rx that the owner has to makeup threads to try and push his worthless product.
There are only a few people who post favorably about auto-rx:
1. dnewton3
2. sprintman
3. Donald
4. badtlc
These 4 individuals post on BITOG and they are Paid Posters For Auto-Rx, the reason this product is sold on the internet and not in stores is because the FTC would come after auto-rx for selling SNAKEOIL and making misleading claims, Auto-Rx claims that it can do 11 things, the only thing it can do is to clean up some ring packs, and it will only do that if the contaniments are very slight. If you want to clean up your ring packs there are cheaper ways to do it, since a bottle of auto-rx costs $28.00
You could do an OCI with Pennzoil Platinum or Pennzoil Ultra, a 5 quart jug of either oil is cheaper than a bottle of auto-rx. 160 ounces of a good cleaning oil is gonna do a better job than 12 ounces of auto-rx. You could also use a bottle of Kreen or MMO to clean up your Ring Packs. I talked with Bob Winters, he is the original BOBISTHEOILGUY, he tested auto-rx and found that the product was worthless. Auto-Rx will do one other thing, and that is to empty your wallet. The owner is now claiming that after you do an auto-rx clean and rinse that you need to go on the maintenance dose of auto-rx, just a way to siphon more money out of your wallet. Kreen, MMO, and Rislone do not tell you that you need to go the maintenance dose after using there product.

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I'm not a believer in snake oils either (MMO, Rislone, Kreen as the exceptions) - but because a poster didn't put up before/after numbers or is a terrible speller, doesn't necessarily equate to a bogus posting. Maybe give the original posters to toss up the numbers, if they try and deflect the questions and praise the product constantly - just ignore them.

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