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Think I'm Due For An Oil Change...

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Hey folks! Can anyone tell me how often you change the drain plug crush washer? My crush washer almost fell apart in my hands the last time I changed the oil and I now need to get a new one. Can anyone tell me where to get them cheap? My local Strauss store didn't have what I needed and they didn't have an updated catalog to lookup my 2000 CE.

I usually re-use mine and don't overtighten the drain plug bolt when you put it back on.

Same here, I probably changed ours 1-2 times in the 13+ years that I've changed the oil on it.



Getting back to the OP's question about changing oil, if you can't/don't want to DIY, a couple things you do after taking it to a dealer/jiffy lube/Walmart, etc. can reduce the mistakes someone else makes. After your oil change, don't leave yet, park it and pop the hood up, check that the cap is on, check the fluid level, look under and check that the drain plug is there and no dripping. The usual stories almost always have a cap that is not put back on, inadequate fluid or too much, and forgetting the drain plug. Then the owner usually drives xxx amount of miles until the problem has been identified and the swearing and complaining begins.

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