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best muffler

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I posted this same reply elsewhere:




I highly recommend you take a look at:




I am considering getting one in a couple months, when finances are better. First of all, I've never seen any exhaust advertising increased mileage. Secondly, the testimonials are very convincing. Thirdly, the price is perfectly comparable to any other muffler out there, and if you think about it, people spend way more on additionals like performance cats and headers. I think Aero is the way to go. You could easily have it installed by any muffler shop for a minimal fee, since it's a relatively simple job.

Looks very impressive - nice graphics and web site is very convincing. Too bad the physics involved don't work out like they say. Just a lot of techno babble to make it sound like technically novel idea.


For a larger displacement engine - better exhaust will definitely increase performance. Just doesn't work well with smaller displacement motors- unless they are heavily modified.


Looks cool though.

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Guest djwolford




If I had to guess, I'd say that the last 4 posts you've made have been advertisements for that damn muffler, stfu already.

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