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Found 1 result

  1. I am unable to understand what is wrong with my Corolla this time. Drove 5 miles one night, with 3.5 of them on the highway at 55mph. No unusual noises, behavior, etc. Drove to a flashing red light. Came to a complete stop for 15 seconds. No oil light illuminated. Turned left and about 30 feet into driving, my car lost acceleration. Shifting from second to third was not getting me to acceleration. Then came to a complete stop and engine was not running. No sounds beforehand. Had it pushed into a gas station parking area. Lights illuminated, including instrument lights when the key was turned to the "ON" position. Attempting to start the car, nothing. No noise, no attempting to start, completely silent. In the "ON" position, the OIL light was on...and remained on. My car had never shown the oil light when the engine was off. Fuel pump and starter are not at fault. Clutch safety switch was looked at, but my friend "rigged" it so the car would allegedly start with clutch engaged or not. No change. However, before the clutch safety switch was even looked at, I tried to start the car with the clutch pedal NOT depressed. Nothing. No oil was on the dipstick at the gas station. I put oil in - a quart - and oil did appear on the dipstick. In the "ON" position, the oil light is still illuminated. I would very much appreciate advice and assistance you may offer. Ryan
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