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  1. Dave

    Cheap Suspension

    RockAuto often has discontinued item specials that can be bargain priced, just watch the shipping, if you order from more than one warehouse, the charges go way up.
  2. Dave

    Fcs Struts?

    Can we have a followup on the NAPA vs FCS struts review? It's been at least three years now. I'd like to know how the NAPA struts held up.
  3. Dave


    Hi! And a belated welcome to you! I'm very happy you found us. I really liked that late-90s/early 00s generation of Corollas (well, of course, I did own a ’98 — LE, beige inside and out, stick, good for consistent over-30-mpg driving). I’m looking now at the next-gen crop, the TNGA is pretty amazing and should give Mazda a real run for their money in the sporty-compact class.
  4. For a while, this forum was redirecting people to toyoland.com — it is fixed now. Sorry!
  5. The Toyota Supra is returning, allowing Toyota to swap out the Camry in NASCAR, starting in 2019 — they even showed off the new race version at Daytona yesterday. The actual production car was developed by both Toyota and BMW. The Camry has been Toyota’s racing car in NASCAR since 2007, though, like all NASCAR vehicles, it bears nothing but a superficial resemblance to a real Camry in any way. The Supra, a serious Corvette challenger, left production back in 2002. Toyota’s record in sport coupes has been mixed, with some highly respectable and memorable cars — certain Celicas, the first two generations of the MR2, the rare 2000GT, and the Supra — and some that did not gather quite the same respect, including the reborn MR2.
  6. One of the odder cases to come across the bench was filed in August 2016, a class action suit from angry owners who believed rats had eaten through engine wiring because rodents were attracted to Toyota’s soy-based insulation. The judge denied the case because of lack of specificity, since some of the damage was to parts of the car not made with soy. Vintage car owners have long known that rats and mice are attracted to car wiring and other parts, regardless of when it was made or what it was made from; though it seems like making insulation with “food” would make it more attractive to rodents, it doesn’t appear as though there was any evidence to support that conclusion.
  7. You could just bypass it by using the manual control. I don't recall any Toyotas being sold without regular on and off positions in addition to auto. I never use automatic anyway, it tends to go on and off as I pass under overpasses.
  8. Yup. I'm trying to get myself into one.
  9. Toyota reported a good June 2018 in the USA. Toyota and Lexus both had record light truck sales for June and the first half alike. The Highlander went up by 21%, the RAV4 by 11%, the Tacoma by 31%. While the Tundra is barely noticeable versus F-series, Silverado, and Ram sales, it did hit 9,955, which is good for a vehicle that hasn’t been updated in so many years. Here are the numbers we have for June 2018 in the USA: Camry, 28,215 Corolla, 25,947 4Runner, 11,569 Tundra, 9,955 Lexus, 23,750 (down 3%) Toyota (brand), 185,852, up 4.4% First half: Toyota+Lexus+Scion = 1,189,312 (up 3%) Competitors: FCA gained by 8%, reaching 202,264 for June, 1,115,476 for the first half of the year (up 5%). Ram, comparable with Tundra, reached 43,542 for third place in light duty pickups. Maserati is estimated at under a thousand sales for June, no real competition for Lexus yet! Ford hit 229,537 for the month, including 9,534 Lincolns; while Ford ships a lot of pickups, Toyota does better with Lexus than Ford with Lincoln. GM only does quarterly sales and in any case hasn't reported in yet.
  10. Hmmm.. I'm not buying the fuel type argument, since gasoline in Japanese doesn’t start with the F sound.
  11. Dave

    Corolland speed bump

    Add Car is now functional!
  12. Dave

    Corolland speed bump

    Side note, Toyoland 200,000 club is back on-line and the “add car” feature is under repair.
  13. Dave

    Motor replacement, now bad ECM/ECU

    You will need to reprogram it to make the odometer accurate and possibly to avoid having the stereo shut down (not sure when that was introduced as an ant-theft measure). Legally, yes, you may need to reprogram for the VIN too. I suspect it would work. I don't know why it would not. I'm not an expert, though. I would still test the circuit yourself for a bad ground or broken wire. Sorry for the delay in replying, I didn't see the post for whatever reason!
  14. Television ads are enormously expensive — not just the cost of airing them, but also of producing them to the standards that buyers are used to. According to this Reuters article, Toyota will slash sales and marketing costs in order to dump more money into research and development, as it tries to catch up in autonomous vehicles (where it had an early start, around twenty years ago, with technologies such as adaptive cruise control/braking). Marketing and general expenses were around $25 billion last fiscal year; total profit was around $22 billion, a 9% margin. Toyota has already cancelled contracts with ad agency Dentsu’s unit in China, complaining of extravagant spending on a ride-and-drive and auto show display; and is targeting media/promotional outsourcing, hoping to gain more knowledge of how the money is spent and then spending it more effectively. Car show displays are very expensive, which has led some automakers to withdraw from non-strategic shows entirely — with a large stand costing around $10 million. Read more at Reuters.