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  2. Looks to me as though the coolant temperature sensor is disconnected, bad, or improperly grounded (or shorting). Check engine light would apply to that. Oil pressure light always goes on when you have the engine in Run but not running. Temp gauge is the giveaway. Fan runs because the car detects bad coolant temp sensor. Code reader is your friend!!
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  4. just looked and the offset is +40 on the konigs. I've looked at all those sites before. I was just wondering if anyone was running them because I have found literally no pictures of them on a corollaXD thanks for the help though
  5. Just got my motor back together after replacing the head gasket, rings and rod bearings. I followed the Haynes manual first start procedure: removed spark plugs, disconnected the fuel circuit opening relay, and removed the distributor cap and rotor and jumped the center contact to ground. This is to prime the oil pump which was also replaced. When I turn the key to "on," the radiator fan starts running and does not turn off without disconnecting the battery. The check engine light, and the oil pressure warning light both come on. The temperature gauge also moves into the bottom of the normal range. When I turn the key to "start" nothing happens with the starter. I removed the starter and had it tested. It works. I also tested the starter relay. Powered, and unpowered it checks out. The fusible links associated with the starter circuit both look good. Any insight would be much appreciated.
  6. This is what I found out for 17"x8" rims with brand Konig ... https://www.fitmentindustries.com/store/wheels?sort=popular&year=2003&make=Toyota&model=Corolla&trim=CE&suspension=Stock Suspension&dia=17&width=8&brand=Konig&bolt=5x3.94%2C5x100
  7. I think your offset is fine. When I go to wheel and tire web sites (FitmentIndustries.com, etc.) the offset is usually between +40 and 35. You may want to verify what fits on a web site like that. Another good one might be tirerack.com
  8. First post, anyone running The 17x8 +35 Konig hypergrams on their 9th gen? or a similarly specced wheel? Any rubbing or anything nasty like that? I'm still on the stock suspension right now but was thinking of going with the Bilstein B12 PRO KIT. If anyone is running that kit I'd love to know how that's going.
  9. I hope it isnt a trans issue, although it very well could be. The car started droning very loudly as well- maybe thats related? I'm just trying to avoid paying top dollar at the dealer, and I'm worried that once they have my car they might try to insist I have to pay for random things that may or may not work
  10. Funny story - we thought my wife's Toyota Venza was beeping. Turned out that the garage door opener needed battery replaced. It was really weird, as it sounded like it was from the Venza, due to it being under the garage door opener. Then, we heard the beeping when the Venza was not in the garage.
  11. This is from a 2004 Pontiac Vibe (I spend most of my time creeping around corolla forums, more support) with the 1ZZ-FE engine, FWD. Part is about 2.5'tall and 2' in diameter. Best guess if from a motor mount but I can't see for sure where it would come into play, nor have i seen anything in Haynes or Service Manual yet. For Background: Since last winter I have been slowly working on a clutch and head gasket. So all pulleys, motor mounts, subframe and exhaust have come off and are now working their way back on. In full disassembly I moved about 75 miles and had it on a trailer. not until I first popped the hood after the move did this little gem fall out. Additional information: Along with those repairs I have done several other things: Gas Tank repair, Filler Neck, Catalytic Converter replacement, both 02 Sensors, all Brake Pads/Shoes/Rotors/Drums/Calipers, front and rear Shocks and Struts, Lower Control Arm Bushings, Tie Rods, Vavles, Valve Guides/Seals, Timing Chain/Guides/Tensioner, Oil Pump, Water Pump, Thermostat, Coolant Temp Sensor, PCV, Flywheel, and all applicable Gaskets/Seals, Spark Plugs, Air/Oil filter, all Fluids. In addition, I've replaced all interior Seats/Trim/Carpet/Headliner/Rear Hatch except for Dash. Remote Start, other Audio and Lighting Wiring. So there is a lot going on, hard to narrow down just based on what I've been into. Any help, very, very appreciated.
  12. I've got a 98 camry, just wondering if the 2zz vvtli motor from the 05 corolla would fit and if so what would need to be done to make it fit
  13. Another thought: shut off the beeping, if the locks aren't being activated. Open the driver's door and leave it open throughout this process. Within five seconds, put the ignition key in, remove it, put it in again, and turn it to RUN (not START!) Wait ten seconds, then push Lock twice within ten seconds. It should beep twice to tell you the beeps are off. (This is from 2002, not sure it will still work in 2010.)
  14. Is it also trying to lock the doors? Could be that one of the remotes is broken and one of the buttons is making contact when it shouldn't (e.g. bad spring). If that's not it, it might actually be someone operating some radio equipment on the wrong frequency in the area, though really that shouldn't do it with modern locking codes. I would try taking the batteries out of the remotes first, and see if that stops it.
  15. Afternoon, My dad's 2010 toyota corolla, constantly beeps all day when turned off and parked. It isn't beeping at a consistent time (e.g- every 5 seconds) But when it does beep once, it will beep another several times. quite annoying, to me and probably my neighbours also.... Not too sure if theres an easy home fix I can do, or should I take it back to the dealership.
  16. Note: should be even faster now
  17. PS> Testing. Please let me know if you find any problems with the site.
  18. ... or try swapping the injector to another cylinder and then see if it's the valve or injector.
  19. Some injectors click loudly... If that's your only problem I'd ignore it.
  20. Yes, that's the topic.
  21. Dave

    Shell Rotella T6 5W-40

    Agreed. I had a car whose engine made a valve-tap noise pretty consistently for around 100,000 miles. Then I sold it
  22. There might be a code Advance can't read, but a dealer can...? Usually that would be a transmission issue. A few people have said that their check engine lights go on and off, and years later it still does so... But if you give it a week or two, it may well go off on its own. To reset it now, shut the engine, push the odometer button while you turn your key to Run (not Start), wait for a beep, wait five seconds, then start the engine—all while you're pressing the odometer button. That's the theory, anyway. Advance can also reset the light. You may want to get a cheap OBDII reader — in the long run it's worth $20-$40 to be able to see codes and reset them yourself. (Some readers just read, others reset.)
  23. Maybe disconnect your battery, then reconnect it. That will ensure no residual electricity is in car. Modern cars have always on electricity for computer (hence fires seen with BMW, etc.) and other components. Hopefully that will help, since there is no code.
  24. I have an 05 Corolla, and a few weeks ago the check engine light came on. I checked the oil and realized it was low, so I filled it up. Light stayed on. I figured it just needed some time for the sensor to catch up, so I didn't worry. A few days later the light was still on, so I took it to Advance since they do a scan for free. Their scan found no errors, even with the engine on. Any idea what this could be, or how to resolve it so that I don't potentially end up ignoring an actual problem?
  25. smug

    Shell Rotella T6 5W-40

    I be thinking too much. I still use Mobil 5W30. If it aint broke don't think so much about it.
  26. Toyota will retrofit Apple CarPlay to 2018 Camrys and Siennas, through Toyota dealers. Those who enjoy having others listening to all their conversations can also get Amazon Alexa retrofitted. The updates will be part of a new software package; it may be free, or there may be a fee, but a dealer visit is definitely required. CarPlay is included in numerous 2019 and 2020 Toyotas.
  27. Some were concerned that Toyota would shut down its unionized Corolla assembly plant in Ontario, but the company is repurposing it to make Lexus crossovers alongside RAV4s and the Lexus RX. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the Cambridge, Ontario plant will start making the Lexus NX in 2022; there will be both gasoline and hybrid powerplants. The plant is around 60 miles west of Toronto, roughly between Chrysler's two Canadian assembly plants. It's a popular area for automakers. Other Toyota vehicles made in Canada are the RAV4 and Lexus RX, also made in Cambridge; the gasoline RAV4 will be made in Cambridge, while the hybrid will go to Kentucky. GM's Oshawa plant, which is northeast of Toronto, is slated to be shut down in the next year or two, a victim of a rapid switch from sedans to crossovers.
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