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  2. Guest

    A Camry's V6 In A Corolla

    yes you can but the camry and corolla have to be from the same year, remember camrys have 4cyl also the only difference is the mounts,buy a crashed camry from coparts.com everything you need is in it already, what you want to do has been done its very common in Puerto Rico, they put v6s in civics, mitsubishi mirages and other small cars from the bigger versions
  3. Dave

    2013 AC stopped working

    This may or may not be the correct diagram.
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  5. Some online places have charts too
  6. 03Corolla9thGenCE

    How long does a Toyota last?

    My 2003 CE has over 299,999 miles. The 9th gen Corolla, Corolla Matrix, Pontiac Vibe, and some Prius have odometer that stops at 299,999. Since my odometer has been maxed out, I've used tripmeter A to track mileage above 299,999. That tripmeter is over 20k. I only do normal maintenance, but am religious about doing my own oil changes.
  7. dave30076

    How long does a Toyota last?

    It's 14 years after this thread was started, but I'll add my input. I bought my 2004 Corolla S (5 speed) in October 2003, so it's a bit over 15 years old, with over 186,000 miles. Only things I've had to do is the serpentine belt, and the starter, above any normal maintenance and wear items (tires, breaks. My first set of front disc brakes lasted 65,000 miles, the second set lasted about 120,000 miles. I don't obsess over maintenance, or baby it. I just drive it and it keeps on driving. I've started to look at a new car, and I lean toward the Hyundai Elantra, several thousand cheaper than a Corolla, and I really like the look better.
  8. dave30076

    Starter, or alternator?

    It was the starter. I was able to get a remanufactured starter from Advance for $70 (employee price, I know the manager really well), and a local shop installed it for $60. Runs and starts great now.
  9. 03Corolla9thGenCE

    Starter, or alternator?

    The alternator supplies power once the engine is started. You can have your alternator tested for free and some auto parts stores. You may want to call around for that. My suspicion is the starter, as that is what turns the engine over to start it. It uses electricity from the battery. Maybe this video may help? It isn't a Corolla, as it is a Camry, but it should help.
  10. A little history. I have a 2004 Corolla S, 5 speed manual. 186,000 miles, car has been rock solid. I had an issue the other morning, when I went to start the car, nothing. I could hear a very faint humming noise. I made sure it wasn't the clutch interlock, it's not. I did a little internet research, seemed to point to the starter. Folks had said it would come and go as a problem. A hour later, it started just fine. Been working fine until tonight. I came home from work, stopped at Taco Bell. When coming out to restart, same thing...nothing. I don't believe it to be the battery, I have one of those little portable pre-charged things that will provide 750 CCA. It is fully charged (charged the other day), I hooked it up to the battery, fired it up, still no start. One weird thing I have noticed when starting some recently, it will crank really well, but near the end of the crank, it sounds like a brief metal-on-metal sound for maybe a half second right when it starts. So, my question to you, does this sound like a starter problem, or something with the alternator?
  11. 03Corolla9thGenCE

    Headlamp Assembly Removal

    I have full confidence you can do this without need for a mechanic.
  12. Guest

    Headlamp Assembly Removal

    Thanks, 03Corolla9thGenCE. Will take a look at that video now.
  13. 03Corolla9thGenCE

    Headlamp Assembly Removal

    I replaced both of my front headlight assemblies on my 03 Corolla, with ones I bought online from eBay. They ended up being a brand called Spyder and look great. It is not too difficult to remove the front bumper cover. A lot of people call it the bumper, but it is in fact a bumper cover. There are probably videos on YouTube to guide you. I didn't need any special tools, just a flat-type screwdriver to pop out the plastic clips. For the other items there were a few bolts (10mm) that could also be removed with a Philips-head screw driver instead of wrench/socket set. This is also a good time to replace all bulbs with new ones, as once the headlight assembly is out, it is so much easier to do so. You can also do some good cleaning where dust and dirt collect. I would suggest doing this if you can. It really isn't that hard.
  14. Guest

    Headlamp Assembly Removal

    Hi, everyone. Thank you for this helpful information! Like fishexpo101, I, too, have an '02 Corolla. Mine is an S. I think your wife is very lucky that she has you to keep her car running. I know the problem with my headlight is due to the pigtail connector. First, my regular mechanic said fixing my broken headlight requires replacing the entire headlight assembly. He also said that, since replacing the headlight assembly involves taking off the bumper, I should order both headlight assemblies online – because I could get a better price than he could get for me – and he would replace both headlight assemblies at one time. I think it was possibly about an hour and a half labor, and slightly more because he was going to have to fiddle with the connector. But then another mechanic at a service station managed just to clean out the corrosion in the pigtail connector on my one bad headlight, and it worked again. For a little while. (Great while it lasted, but for other reasons I don't really want to go back to that guy.) This car is unfortunately kind of beat, great car as it should and could be, to last a long time. I'm confused that my regular mechanic, historically so reliable, would say I need what seems like a relatively big job -- replacing the headlight assembly (does that in fact require taking off the bumper on this car?) -- if it's possible to just change out the pigtail. I don't need better headlights. The headlights are fine, even if they're a little cloudy -- fits with all the other things less than perfect on this poor old set of wheels. Probably I should just talk to my regular mechanic, but I haven't been able to get over there (and maybe he's tired of me calling, which I did kind of a lot asking advice about buying tires, which he doesn't sell). What you guys managed to do and to describe so well in this thread, from what I can make out, looks a little complicated. Maybe my regular guy figured it was enough labor to change out the pigtail, so that, for that same amount of labor, he might as well replace the headlights altogether, and then, for the price of the parts, I would have better headlights? Would welcome your thoughts! Thank you so much.
  16. TerrySmith

    License Plate Lights, 2004 Corolla

    Yep, you're right. That's actually the correct way to identify and locate a bulb. But I prefer buying them online..
  17. Monkey123

    2005-6 Corolla Remote Start

    Hello All, I installed remote starter for my camry and corolla without any problem and this is four to five year ago. The brand I used is Autopage 2 way. 2 way confirm if your car start or not. It is a good brand but technical support is only for installer. You can go with other brand such as Viper or Bulldog. I did installed two Honda CRV with security and chip in key. I used Autopage 2 way and ADS data immobilizer bypass module. This is easy to use and cheaper than donate a program key under the steering column. A program key can cost around $200-$300. You need a computer to flash your bypass module. Good luck. Monkey123
  18. Guest

    Rusty Struts

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- the tie rod had rusted and broke off!!!😂 If that had happened, your car wouldn't have handled poorly. Your car would have crashed. The tie rod controls the steering. If, on the other hand, it was the sway bar links that had rusted and broken off, it would make sense, but you seem pretty sure that it was a tie rod... with the price and all....
  19. myprizm

    replacing bushing in rear beam

    I am much more advanced that 7-year old and don't dream on any carrier. But seriously would like to know if this job is for DIY . So any constructive instruction or comments would be helpful. I know that I can rent bushing press from AutoZone.
  20. 03Corolla9thGenCE

    replacing bushing in rear beam

    Maybe those videos will inspire you to make your own YouTube video for rear axle beam. You may be the next YouTube star. If a 7-year old can make 22 million ...
  21. myprizm

    replacing bushing in rear beam

    Thanks a lot except that my problem is with rear axle beam. But I may use this video in the future....
  22. 03Corolla9thGenCE

    replacing bushing in rear beam

    Using Google, I found some cool videos that may be helpful? I've never done anything like you are asking, so apologies if this is not what you are looking for.
  23. myprizm

    replacing bushing in rear beam

    I didn't get any response so I will simplify my question. Do I have to remove entire axle beam to replace bushings? And how challenging it is?
  24. Guest

    Groaning Noise Under Acceleration

    I’m having the exact problem. What did the mechanic say was the issue?
  25. myprizm

    replacing bushing in rear beam

    I do have 2007 corolla with 135K. I recently noticed that bushing on the driver side in rear beam is cracked. It definitely affects comfort of driving. I want to replace it but don't know exactly how big job it is. So any advice, picture or just sharing experience will be very much appreciated. Also should the other one (passenger side) be replaced at that time. Thanks
  26. Wow. Even with the new model out, and I might add a great improvement over the old one, US Toyota Camry sales plummeted by 30%! Excitement over the new Corolla, or perhaps all the standard safety gear, pushed the Corolla up by 9% (for November). Overall, Toyota hit 190,423 sales in the US, keeping it safely above Fiat Chrysler. The RAV4 and Tacoma both did quite well, and average transaction prices were over $32,000, which is pretty good; incentives, around $2,600 per car, were down from last year. Overall Toyota fell by 0.3% and Lexus by 2.5%. Year to date, Toyota has sold a stunning 278,293 Corollas and 314,346 Camrys, putting it ahead of quite a few entire car companies just based on those two models. During the month, the Camry alone outsold quite a few brands... and neatly beat all three Dodge/Chrysler sedans and coupes combined. By the month, the Sienna is down by 12% to 6,726, putting it between the Dodge Caravan and Chrysler Pacifica. The RAV4 is flying off the shelves, with 35,350 in November alone; Highlander passed 20,000. Toyota's decision to dedicated Corolla production space to RAV4s is making more sense every day. The Tacoma hit 19,685 sales; Tundra, oddly, has stayed stable, with 9,689 sales, despite being hopelessly out of date in a competitive market. Here’s the full sales chart! (Click for full size)
  27. 03Corolla9thGenCE

    1999 Corolla parking/tail lights won't turn off

    I replaced my relay with a digital one, so I won't have hyperflashing with the LED bulbs I installed. It was a pain to get to the relay, but well worth it.
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