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  3. Yes actually you can. I have bypassed mine on a 2002 Ford Taurus and the car runs fine. I went the parts store about 4 times to find the right size belt to bypass it. Just keep your receipt and go one size smaller everytime. Good luck.
  4. How do you replace pcv on gen 11 or just where is it?
  5. Oops: Toyota is recalling 2019 Camry and Avalon hybrids, because they may not have connected the fuel filler pipe to the gas tank (after taking them apart for an inspection). D'oh! The recall, starting this month, is #K01, and includes a new fuel filler pipe. Only 205 cars are affected in the US.
  6. It's a shame that if you like the advanced options, you need to get the slushbox.
  7. It's kind of interesting to me that part of it is adapting to the crossover craze, and part is increasing electrification.
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  9. Toyota is investing around $750 million in the United States, resulting in another 600 jobs, to make more engines (Alabama), hybrid crossovers (Kentucky), hybrid transaxles (West Virginia), and aluminum castings (Tennessee and Missouri.) All of Toyota's investments are in the anti-union South, and might be replacing jobs in the UK. The investments in Kentucky and Missouri don't involve more jobs, and the Tennessee investment will only add 13 jobs. Toyota’s plan, overall, is to invest around $13 billion in the United States from 2017 to 2023. Around $5 billion has already been spent and around $3 billion hasn't been announced yet. The Kentucky plant only makes cars now, but will add the RAV4 and a small Lexus crossover.
  10. This same belt (K060605) by MasterPro also seems to work on a 2005 Corolla to bypass a bad A/C pulley. The tensioner seems a bit tighter with the new belt, but I haven't noticed any change in performance or slipping on decreased contact areas, the increased tension likely helps to counter that.
  11. Do you think that you could run good safer numbers using a silver top 20v head sence there will be lower compression for boost?
  12. Guest

    Power Window Does Not Work?!

    What about the power locks...they are fine. But all 4 Windows are not responding to the switch controlled at the drivers side door. Any idea what that could be? It's my dad's car...I suggested fuse...but he's sure it can't be that. Besides according to him, I have no idea what I'm talking about cuz I'm " just a girl". (Except that I replaced the bevel and switch on my 2003 VW Jetta and now my windows and locks work fine!)
  13. Agreed, it seems like a dealership issue, and if that fails, check the owner's manual/glove compartment info to get the address of Toyota in your country (Pakistan?). Weird thing to leave out! Are they mandatory (legally required)? If not, the distributor might be saving money on bulbs, and then you may have to buy your own.
  14. Might try discussing this with the dealership?
  15. Welcome back! I'm glad to see your return! What's kind of interesting is that drum brakes all used to be self-adjusting, when you went backwards and stopped... could be worse. On some cars with four-way discs they have to manually adjust the e-brakes.
  16. Hi I booked my corolla xli automatic from a dealership in karachi in jan 2019 and now I got the car but I didnt find rear windshield brake lamps in my corolla xli that was manufactured in indus motors karachi and later shipped to the dealership here. Why it is not.present in the car? What should i do now in this regard? Kindly reply Thanks Khan Raheel
  17. Since new always used Moble 1 and did all oil/filter changes myself. 1ZZFE is a noisy thing. Its noisy on start up and then when warm is quieter @115k miles. Retired now no longer driving 10-12K miles yearly. More like stop n go around town...5K miles yearly. Rotella might be better oil with the HD additives than Mobil 1 I've heard. Quieter, better stop n go protection. Anyone using Rottela T6 ? I think i give it try. See if quieter.
  18. Since retiring I don't drive the Corolla that much and have been away from the forum. When i bought my 04 new and started driving to work i noticed braking was slowly become poor. One day i had to make a panic stop. Scary. Took car back to dealer and explained situation. They readjusted the rear drums and asked if i used the hand brake any. NO, no need to i said. I was informed on my generation the handbrake adjust the rear drums. Was told to pull on it half dozen or so times and to use it whenever parked. Problem solved. Couple time i did have drums manually adjusted as a courtesy by my family tech/mechanic. Helped.
  19. When starting cold during rude Chicago winters it fires up fine and idles. Within a few moments the idle climbs to about 2k and slowly drop down to usual idle. If not real cold, just below or around freezing may not do it at all. What components should i be checking. 04 115k miles, mostly self maintained, have factory manuals. All original electrical components, sensors. Fresh plugs. Thanks.
  20. I too have TRD springs they help with crosswinds and just make the car a better car IMHO.
  21. Delayed responce, When Chicagoland winter eases will check sway bar end links, and inner tie rod ends. Replace sway bar bushes while back. Narrowed rattle down to hitting a bump at specific angle. Thanks dom.
  22. my corolla odometer stopped working at 299,999 but trip odometer continues to work.
  23. I like the SE with the manual transmission. The XSE has CVT.
  24. The 2020 Toyota Corolla will start at $19,500 in the United States, arriving in March 2019. One of the features will be a standard 7-inch touchscreen sticking out of the dashboard, with 8-inch displays on the LE and up; they have wired Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Amazon Alexa with the Entune 3.0 system. Toyota only started using CarPlay in its 2019 cars.
  25. Guest

    High-beam Dash Light Blinking

    I have the same problem with my 98 Corolla. The only way I can stop is to turn the headlights on. I even found out if you pull the e-brake just a little it goes away, I wouldn't try this when you driving but it does work for me. Wish I could fine a fix.
  26. I have a Toyota 20-r engine it has a 5 speed manual transmission. What year? not sure. I think it was out of a truck. What I would like to know what type of Automatic tranny would bolt up to the existing 20-r engine. contact me at "griecoma@hotmail.com"
  27. Should be faster now, a little bit.
  28. Hey, Thanks for changing wheels and tire! That helps to narrow it down. I had issue with tire being out of round, which was only noticeable at higher speeds. Check out this YouTube video. You may want to comment on it to get the perspective of the YouTuber ... Maybe this might be the solution??
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