1993-1997 Toyota Corolla (US-Spec): transmissions, driveshafts, and axles

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The dry, hydraulic single-plate clutch used in the previous model was also used in this model with the following changes:

Engine Type 4A-FE, 7A-FE

1993 Toyota clutch

Clutch Type Dry Type Single Plat Clutch, Diaphragm Spring
Operation Hydraulic
Cluch Cover Type Diaphragm Spring Turnover
Size mm(in.) 215 (8.5)
Clutch Disc Facing Size** mm (in.) 212 x 140 x 3.5 (8.35 x 5.51 x 0.14)
Facing Area cm2 (in.2) 199 (30.8)
Master Cylinder Type Conventional
Cylinder Dia. mm (in.) 15.87 (0.62)
Release Cylinder Type Non-Adjustable
Cylinder Dia. mm (in.) 20.64 (0.81)


The Corolla's clutch pedal turnover mechanism was used for the same purpose as that used in other models, but it differed in construction, using a newly adopted overcenter plate and a tension-type coil spring.

clutch pedal camry clutch pedal corolla transmission

Manual Transaxle


Transaxle Type C52  1993 corolla - C52 manual transaxle
Gear Ratio 1st 3.545 (3.166 with 7A-FE)
2nd 1.904
3rd 1.310
4th 0.969
5th 0.815
Reverse 3.250
Differential Gear Ratio 3.722
Oil Capacity liters (US qts. Imp. qts) 2.6 (2.7, 2.3)
Oil Viscosity SAE 75W-90
Oil Grade API GL-3,
GL-4, or GL-5

Shift Lever: In addition to the type A shift lever moderating mechanism used in the previous Corolla, another type (type B) of the same performance was added in these Corolla models. Type A was used in the wagon while both type A and type B were used in the sedan models. The construction of the type B moderating mechanism differed from that of the type A, but its operation was basically the same. The operation of the detent shaft in type A was carried out by the shift lever in type B.

corolla shift lever 2

Automatic Transaxle

The 4A-FE engine models were equipped with the same A131L automatic transaxle previously used in the STD and DLX grades. A recently-developed A245E automatic transaxle was used in the models equipped with the 7A-FE engine. The A245E was a four-speed with a lock-up type torque converter and had the Electronically Controlled Transmission feature. It was based on the A240E used in the 1989 MR2, but was reduced in size and weight.

Specification Engine
Transaxle Type A131L A245E A245E automatic transaxle
Engine Type 4A-FE 7A-FE
Gear Ratio 1st 2.810 3.643
2nd 1.549 2.008
3rd 1.000 1.296
4th - 0.892
Reverse 2.296 2.977
Counter Gear Ratio 0.945 -
Differential Gear
Reduction Ratio
3.526, 3.722 opt in USA 2.821
(had been 2.962)
Fluid Capacity liters (US qts). Transmission 5.5 (5.8) 7.6 (8.0)
Differential 1.4 (1.5) -
Fluid Type ATF Type DEXRON®II

A245E Automatic Transaxle

The A245E automatic transaxle was based on the A240E, and the following changes were made to reduce its size and weight, and to further improve the shift feel, fuel efficiency and dynamic performance.

A240E toyota transmission

The planetary gear unit of the A245E was the same in basic construction and operation as that of the A240E. The specifications of the planetary gear unit of the A245E were modified to ensure better matching with the 7A-FE engine characteristics. In addition, the supporting methods of the counter drive gear and the position of the 2nd coast brake piston were changed.

Section Item A245E A240E
C1 Forward Clutch No. of Discs 4 -
C2 Direct Clutch 3 -
C3 Underdrive Direct Clutch 3 4
B1 Second Coast Brake Band Width mm (in.) 25 (0.98) -
B2 Second Brake No. of Discs 3 -
B3 First and Reverse Brake 6 5
B4 Underdreve Brake 3 -
F1 No. 1 One-Way Clutch 18 -
F2 No. 2 One-Way Clutch No. of Sprags 20 -
F3 Underdrive One-Way Clutch 30 -
Front Planetary Gear No. of Sun Gear Teeth 39 -
No. of Pinion Gear Teeth 16 -
No. of Ring Gear Teeth 71 -
Rear Planetary Gear No. of Sun Gear Teeth 27 -
No. of Pinion Gear Teeth 18 -
No. of Ring Gear Teeth 62 -
Underdrive Planetary Gear No. of Sun Gear Teeth 33 -
No. of Pinion Gear Teeth 20 -
No. of Ring Gear Teeth 73 -

The counter drive gear in the A240E was supported at the center by two radial ball bearings at both sides. On the A245E, it was supported at only one end by a tapered roller bearing to reduce the overall length of the transaxle.


The accumulator consisted of C1, C2, C3, B2 and B4 as in the A240E. While the C1 accumulator piston of the A240E was activated only by the spring tension, the C1 in the A245E was activated by the spring tension as well as the back pressure, as were C2, C3 or B2. Lenghthening the stroke of all accumulator pistons reduced the shift shock.


Transmission Electronic Control System

The electronic control system of this Corolla was basically the same as that of the A241E for the '93 MR2. In the electronic control system for the 1993 Corolla, the No. 2 vehicle speed sensor was eliminated along with the sensor rotor that drive that sensor to simplify the system. The throttle valve opening was now divided into 32 rather than only 8 to provide more detailed shift-down and shift-up control to further improve the shift response.


The self-diagnosis for the A245E for the 1993 Corolla was basically the same as that for the A241E for the '93 MR2. Since No. 2 vehicle speed sensor was eliminated, No. 61 diagnostic trouble code was discontinued accordingly.

Drive Shafts

As in the previous model, a low noise, vibration resistant drive shaft was used. A tripod type CVJ (Constant Velocity Joint) was fitted on the differential side and a Rzeppa type CVJ was fitted on the wheel side.

9 10



The front axle (left) had the same basic construction and operation as the previous model. It also used a double-row angular ball bearing with low rolling resistance.

Like the front axle, the basic construction and operation of the rear axle were the same as in the previous model. Unlike the previous model, however, the size of the bearing was increased and combined with the oil seal for greater durability and serviceability.

The rear axle was constructed in the same way as the 1992 Camry.


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