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Petition to bring a Corolla Fielder (Wagon) to North America

2008 corolla fielder wagonDave Scovell originated this petition and wrote:

I have initiated this petition with the aim of convincing Toyota there is a market in North America for a traditional-size station wagon. Sadly, 1996 was the last year Toyota sold the Corolla and Camry wagons.

With most automobile manufacturers offering this style of car in their product line, I and many others feel Toyota is missing out on a viable market segment.

The Corolla Fielder would offer North American consumers an economical vehicle that has Toyota’s legendary reliability and the carrying capacity that many families and sports minded buyers would be certain to line up for.

If you would like to see a Toyota Fielder offered here in Canada and USA, please add you name and city to the petition.  All respondents will be included in a portfolio which will be forwarded to Toyota Canada and Toyota USA.

You can participate online here at the corolland website or by mailing a letter to Corolla Fielder Petition, 32 Argyle Drive, Guelph, ON, N1G 2P2, Canada.

We’ve sent in the petition! No word so far.

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