Single Event Upsets


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Interesting. Someone just needs to take the ECM and just blast it with some ionizing radiation, just to see what happens. But in all honesty - the likelyhood of a SEU being a root cause or one of the causes for SUA events be no more likely that some hitting the lottery. SEU effects in semiconductor devices, such as flipping the state of memory cells - so called "soft errors" - are the most common. Working with FPGA and other microdevices - I've run into some cases of these errors, but most ECMs today have built in fail-safe or limp-home parameters, in the event of a nonsensical signal or parameter in memory. Anything is poosible - unfortunately, time is against everyone - hopefully they will carefully test out all options instead of making quantum leaps and jumps in judgement for something that "might" be the root cause, to quell public demands.



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I find the cosmic-ray thing as a root cause a remote one, and lean more toward RF interference, due to what many have said, including myself, in regard to cell phone anomalies.

I feel the important point is that many causes are under investigation, as SUA is not only a Toyota problem. Audis, Fords, Lincolns -- and a certain 1998 Plymouth Voyager Mini Van in my area -- are affected as well. Additionally, this phenomenon is not confined to the US: European and Japanese drivers experience it as well. Who knows who else does? It depends on the freedom of their press, I suppose.



I know Karate, Kung Fu, and 47 other dangerous wor
Very true. Be interesting to see what they actually do for RF testing. Likely be taking a single component and shipping it out to a third party for testing, I doubt they will test an entire car - but I could be wrong on that. Most of what I've seen in commercial settings were piece testing - little test boxes or rooms for A/V and computing equipment. Only places I've seen large enough to do the entire vehicle were military applications.



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The problem with this issue that it exists, but it's very rare. Most reported cases is driver error (ie driver pushing wrong pedal during panic). And floor mats as well.

I raised this very same issue months ago on this or other toyota forum whether RAM Toyota uses is ECC or non-ECC and no one seems to have any answers.



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Some strong possibilities here, particularly when you read posts on here about cell phones affecting door locks and drivability issues....


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