Failed Emi Emissions Test- Not Ready


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Dear All:

I can't get my 2009 Toyota Corolla to pass the GA EMI tests.

It failed in 2012 after putting 20,000 miles on it (purchased from first owner in 05/2010) - then took it to my Toyota Dealership & service Tech replaced part # 000500100 & 002891PF07 for a complete fuel system service, then it passed their EMI emissions test.

A year later, 2013, car won't pass the GA EMI test. Took it to Toyota, but their EMI machine down. Service tech upgraded ELSBOS ECM software & installed the update for anti-lock brakes. Two days later, car failed at my neighborhood EMI station, returned to Toyota, and was told to drive it until computer resets.

I have driven my car over 1,000 miles since that date (less than a month) and it has failed 8 EMI tests. After consulting with 2 other auto mechanics, they recommended driving it under 55 mph, and another Toyota dealership advised to drive it 40 mph for 15 miles then 65 mph for 15 miles. The kicker is I returned to the Toyota dealership/service department where the Service Manager printed off instructions to drive my car a certain speed and distance based on the Readiness Monitor Drive Patterns-EG003-02 from a technicians manual which clearly indicates in order to conduct the drive pattern procedure you have to connect the OBD11 Scan Tool to the DLC3 to check monitor status & preconditions.

The Toyota tech in South Georgia gave me the same advice but said the tech needs to drive your car with the Scan tool attached. I like this car & maintain it but the computer is not ready (no check engine light is on) for a simple EMI test. Please advise.



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The I/M readiness monitors not being set to "ready" can be some of the toughest ones to set. Part of the issue is that even following the recommended drive cycles - readiness monitors can sometimes get stuck in one state. I/M readiness not being set will not trigger a CEL - car will still continue to run well. In fact, if you useda tailpipe sniffer - emission levels are probably perfect. But in order to pass an I/M readiness smog test, those monitors all have to set to ready.

Are you getting two readiness monitor errors or just a generic one? The downstream O2 one is set after idling for several minutes then driving under 25 mph for a couple of minutes. The catalyst on is set after running at highway speeds for a few minutes then driving under 45 mph for a couple more minutes. Also a cold soak is needed some where in there.

Also confused on the parts the dealership replaced - as those are EFI related components.

I would try a different dealership if I was in your place. As getting around the diagnostic fee - see if the original dealership will cut you a break. They did the original repair and it didn't completely fix the issue.



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Dear Fishexpo:

Thank you for your timely response. Yes the 2012 complete fuel service work should have fixed the readiness issue. I plan to have an independent mechanic attach the scan tool to see if a code appears and return to the dealership (or another Toyota service department) to have work done as its still under warranty. What I have learned from this experience is to take my car in for an EMI test 3 months prior to my birth month. The number of times I have driven my car in smog is like zero..... Thank you again.


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