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In my 2005 corolla maintenance manual it suggests tightening the driveshaft bolt every couple of oil change intervals. When I asked my mechanic about this, he said that front wheel drive toyotas don't have the drive shaft bolts, and that it was likely for the AWD matrix. Is he correct? I ask is because I'm hearing a strange sound usually in low rpms in both first and second gears when the engine is under load. I'm wondering if it's this bolt, or my cat, or a lose heat shield or something. please help!



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Something that was a carryover from previous manuals/maintenance schedules - most likely left in there as a CYA measure. Also lots of misunderstanding/misinformation out there - some of which is perpetuated by Toyota dealerships and technicians. I have yet to run into any tech that has routinely checked these "bolts" on every service they have done - as most of the time, it is a non-issue (i.e, they never come loose).

You mechanic is correct - this was something leftover and applies to the AWD versions of Corollas and Matrix - they refer to the flange bolts that can sometimes back-off in certain situations. There are some bolts on the two piece driveaxles - depending on the generation of Corolla - but those almost never back out.

You might also run into some info online about the CV axle nuts are what the maintenance service is talking about - probably true as well. But I'm pretty sure those nuts are crimped/staked onto the axle end. They will not come loose on their own, you have to be are trying to remove them to loosen them at all. Older Corollas have a cotter pin and castle nut setup - those may have a chance to loosen, especially if the pin is missing or sloppy.

I would look at other potential sources for the sound you hear. If it only happens under load - there is a good chance it might be belt tensioner related. Some make noise at idle only, some only manifest under a heavy load. Those can sound like a low growl or thumping. Heatshield, loose exhaust piping, loose swaybars / endlinks, axles, mounts, loose struts, etc. are also other common items that might introduce noises under chassis loading.


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