Best Place To Run Wire From Gps Through Dashboard On 2001 Prizm?


Tim Ropp

I just replaced the stereo in my 2001 Prizm (US model). That went easy, and I was thinking as I did it about hardwiring my GPS into power to neaten things up. I have the GPS mounted in the bottom center of the windshield. I know I can get a power cord w/ the electronics to convert the 12v to 5v.

My question: before I start just taking the whole dash out, anyone have recommendations about where to drop the wire? Since the GPS is low, a small hole in the dashboard would be easily hidden and convenient. I'd be ok putting the hole anywhere from above the instrument cluster to the pass airbag, wherever is easiest...

My plan then would be to hide the converter box behind the radio (lots of room there on this car!) and connect it into the switched power line going to the radio. That way the GPS turns on and off automatically with the car.



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I placed my GPS on the lower right corner of the windshield.

I added an mini add-a-fuse on the fuse panel on the driver's side, routed the wires below the driver-side kick-panel, up along small crevice/space between the trim and the front seal of the door up until the base of the A-pillar, and then left a short length of wire protruding out.

Hope this helps! I can also email a picture of it if you like.

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