Air Conditioning System Flush

Have a 1998 Corolla VE which the compressor went out on. I have already bought the new Denso Dryer/Cccumulator, Denso Compressor, All new Four Seasons gaskets/seals set, Four Seasons 69991 Dura II Flush Solvent - 1 Qt, and a Denso Expansion valve.

I know that I need to flush the system completely prior to evacuating the system again and installing the new compressor, then adding in the oil and R134a, however, I have no manual which explains how to remove the: 1) Condenser, 2) Evaporator, 3) Expansion Valve, 4) Various Lines.

If anyone has a manual, or has done this before, I would greatly appreciate any information, or a point in the direction where I can find a manual. Thanks!



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if the problem is just bad compressor, replace it and the dryer. measure the oil taken out of the compressor and add it to the system. you do not need to replace condensor,evaporator and metering device. Vacuum it good or do a triple evacuation and then charge the system. recover the refrigerant before taking out the compressor. good luck.


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