2003 Corolla Trailer Wiring !help!



Hey Everyone,

I'm trying to hard-wire in a 4-way flat plug for trailer lights. I have the correct converter with 5 wires that I need to tie into the car. (1) Right turn signal, (2) Left Turn Signal, (3) Bake lights, (4) Tail Lights, (5) Ground. Can anyone provide me with a wiring diagram that shows what color wires are for what in the trunk of the car, or possibly a list of wire color to output. I can't seem to find any info anywhere, and Toyota has not been very helpful. Im tying into the wiring running to the trunk on the left side of the car if looking at it from behind.

Thanks for your help!



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Found this on another forum - as I didn't verify this, follow at your own risk:

White lead from converter to metal ground of the car

Brown lead from converter to the vehicle green wire

Converter right turn input to vehicle green with yellow stripe

Converter left turn input to vehicle green with red stripe

Converter brake light input to vehicle green with whitestripe

I remember that there was a wiring diagram that I've downloaded in the past from one of the hitch manufacturers on wiring the trailer flat plug. Might be worth searching DrawTite, HiddenHitch, or other hitch manufacturers for the wiring diagram.


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