2000 Prizm Help



I would search for this as I know there are some threads on this but search isnt working

anywho, my wife has a 2000 Prizm. Having massive oil consumption issues, idle cold start near stalls and pinging under accel. CEL finally popped on and read P0171.

I replaced plugs & wires, check PCV, and cleaned the MAF (was a lil dirty)

car has 55k on it now. there is no oil leakage visible that i can tell but its using a 1-2 quarts per fuel tank. fuel consumption is also very poor for a 4 banger, only getting about 300ish per tank with AC on.

I fear the car has motor damage as my wife never checks the oil and i know its been run near dry by now. Where is the damn oil going?!

Also I had the motor running and when the oil cap is off the car a good bit of air is being pumped out the oil filler hole. Is this normal?


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