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From prizm97, June 9

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The Toyota Corolla sedan is in for a little more sporting love in the near future as the Japanese automaker preps what's reportedly called the "Apex Package."
Car and Driver reported on the forthcoming package this past Wednesday, and as the name implies, it will focus on carving corners. Specifically, a set of summer performance tires will set the package apart from other Corolla trims. Buyers should be able to add the Apex Package to either the SE or XSE.



This is interesting because they are paying attention to trends. Sportier looking cars with sport-car-like features tend to sell better so having this kind of package will likely increase people's interest in the new models. 

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So the package is more about the tires and rims than anything else? I mean that is a good idea to have more options but unless the option is cheaper than what they can get from their auto-shop, they'll like just take the stock ones.

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