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2006 Corolla Upgrade Speaker Help

By Kat4565, May 24

I am looking into buying new speakers for my 2006 Corolla. I have never really enjoyed my speakers because I need to stay at a certain volume or I get this nasty kind of muffled bass that just screws up the over all quality even when I reduce the bass on the Spotify equalizer. I have a parrot Bluetooth system I don’t know if that makes a difference but I can’t control the sound quality on my dash my volume and everything goes through my phone. I have wanted to change them for a while and had my eye on Pioneer speakers because I like the sound quality. When I looked into it, the speakers I wanted they are either not compatible with my car or I were out of stock. I looked up all kinds of speakers and there’s so much to choose from it’s a little overwhelming. I just need speakers that will deliver a clean sound and maybe have some bass to them. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great.

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Pioneer makes great stereos. For the over-bass I'd see if you have another woofer in the trunk you can disconnect.

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