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By Dave, December 3, 2018

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Wow. Even with the new model out, and I might add a great improvement over the old one, US  Toyota Camry sales plummeted by 30%! Excitement over the new Corolla, or perhaps all the standard safety gear, pushed the Corolla up by 9% (for November).  Overall, Toyota hit 190,423 sales in the US, keeping it safely above Fiat Chrysler.

The RAV4 and Tacoma both did quite well, and average transaction prices were over $32,000, which is pretty good; incentives, around $2,600 per car, were down from last year. Overall Toyota fell by 0.3% and Lexus by 2.5%. 

Year to date, Toyota has sold a stunning 278,293 Corollas and 314,346 Camrys, putting it ahead of quite a few entire car companies just based on those two models. During the month, the Camry alone outsold quite a few brands... and neatly beat all three Dodge/Chrysler sedans and coupes combined.

By the month, the Sienna is down by 12% to 6,726, putting it between the Dodge Caravan and Chrysler Pacifica. The RAV4 is flying off the shelves, with 35,350 in November alone; Highlander passed 20,000. Toyota's decision to dedicated Corolla production space to RAV4s is making more sense every day. The Tacoma hit 19,685 sales; Tundra, oddly, has stayed stable, with 9,689 sales, despite being hopelessly out of date in a competitive market. 

Here’s the full sales chart! (Click for full size)


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