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Toyota may cut some cars from the USA

by Dave, November 6, 2018

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With sedan and coupe sales plummeting, Toyota may cut some cars from the USA. Which will they pick? It's hard to tell, since sales reports go by model name and don't go into, say, Corolla Hatch vs Corolla Sedan. They might drop some trim levels to simplify the lineup and cut costs, which would make sense. 

Corollas and Camrys are still selling very well, but the Corolla can't be very profitable with all that standard safety gear.  I would guess the new Subaru/Toyota sports car will be the first to go. Your thoughts?

As a side note, Toyota did not release a full sales chart for October. We know that Lexus' overall sales were 22,716, across numerous vehicles, and I'd think at least one car, maybe the I, would be dropped. LS and ES sales were up, but RX was a major seller with 8,608 — crossovers strike again! NXh is pretty low-sales. Crossovers and SUVs were 15,1010 sales out of 22,716, not much room left for all those sedans and coupes.

As for Toyota, Camry did 26,914 and Corolla did 22,020. Tundra reached 9,571 but it's way way way overdue for a refresh or replacement. I mean, really way overdue, as in “not competitive with anyone.” 

I've heard the sedan will get updated in 2020....with the new motor I assume...which from what I read kinda reminds me of the Honda motors we had....not much low end grunt but top end. My least fav style of motor though dont know how it would feel with the CVT. From now on we'll be staying with the RAV or if they do a AWD crossover....but my wife will need something hope they dont disco the car under the Corolla. 

Guest zzw30

I don't know if I believe much of this. I'm sure they would try to make all their sedans more prius shaped and storage based like the new civic before they would completely ditch the I or Rolla. Seeing how popular the ct200h was I'm sure their will be a lot more hatch and lift back models soon. I kinda miss the oil crisis cars, these boxy gagamobiles are way too disconnected and autobeaterish. I'd rather drive an 80s pickup and never go over 65mph. Hopefully we will see another infrastructure crisis soon and it will "motivate" our collective options.

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I am positive they won't drop the Rolla! 

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