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Corolla Song

By CorollaPrizmGurl, June 26, 2018

Corollas are just amazing, especially the ones without a CVT. Oh, what they can do.They can tow 1500 pounds, though they're so small.They won't even let you down at -20 degrees, if it can be helped. The only reason they'll fail to start at that temperature seems to be something wrong, like an old battery or a drained one, like if there's a draw on it.They've even been known to run and drive just fine with a steady engine light. Once they were called "the gold standard in small cars". Even now, they have a lot of features for being so compact. They have a reputation of being little tanks on wheels, especially with good tires. Because under these conditions, they'll go through anything that's not up to the bumper or some such depth that's too deep for a little car to navigate through. It's been said they're low mileage if they have yet to turn 200k on the odometer. I once heard of one with almost 400,000 miles named Charlene by the owner and she's sounded healthy for all the miles.

Corollas are just so good. 

They even had a twin when I was a kid. Imitation is a form of flattery, they say. Chevy obviously thought they needed to mimic them, so it seems to me. I've been told the Corolla with a bowtie was originally called Nova. Then, shortly  before I was born, the Geo brand was created for the Asian-like Chevy cars. And the Corolla twin was known as Geo Prizm, until Chevy absorbed some Geo models after '97 model year.  Prizm was 1 and was known as Chevy Prizm for the rest of its production. Though '02 was the last year, some are still around. And so are Prizmoid Corollas, as I call Corollas built parallel in time to Prizms, just because I can't tell them apart with seeing the badges and lights. Unless the Corolla has body color door handles. Prizm never got that, unless the car was black because every Prizm I've ever seen, the exterior door handles are/were black. This song was composed with a Chevy Prizm only yards away from me, just at the end of the driveway of the place I was.

Corollas are just so good.

The just over 25 years of Prizm life instilled Corolla love in me. But not until 13 years after that life began could I love Prizm's twin. Though except for a few Chevy  touches, Prizm was built the same as its Corolla twin.  The gauge cluster of a '90's and 2000-2002 Corolla clearly resembles its twins'.  A video Corolla's wheels appeared very similar to those same kind of wheels on a Prizm. The Prizms and Corollas with a manual or regular automatic transmission with overdrive are frisky, especially Corolla XRS. XRS only came with a stick. At least the previous generations of Corolla. They've grown now, so I don't know. But the engines in previous generations combined with the size of the car made for spunky little cars. Maybe they still are, I just don't know. But I know they can be peppy.

Corolla are just so good.

This is the song lyrics I wrote about Corollas last month.

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