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By CorollaPrizmGurl, June 24, 2018

I'm introducing my family's Corolla here and telling the backstory of this little car. After 25 years and 3 months of Prizms (we've had 3), our last '02 Chevy Prizm was traded for a '16 Corolla. Peppermint Patti, Miss Bluebell and Madame Blueberry (the Prizms' names) as Corolla twins told us just how good Corollas are. The Corolla's name, Willow, came from my mom and is because the car's gray. Her other gray name idea was Luna, but that's better for a silver Corolla, according to her. Classic Silver was our original pick for the color, but then my mom liked the Slate better, for having a blue-ish cast in certain lights. The Slate seemed a better successor in spirit to the replaced blue car. Patti was '93 Polynesian Green Geo Prizm LSi, bought new, and the story behind her name was my dad likes to name cars and my mom wanted the car to have a green name. The other 2 Prizms' names came from their Dark Blue-Green color warranting blue names. Bluebell was bought new because '02 was the last year for Prizms and Patti was getting older and starting to rust. Salt Bet life. Blueberry, an '02 just like Bluebell, was bought slightly used at age 3 as a Patti replacer.  Patti had bad brakes and was full of rust. When the twins, my mom's term for Bluebell and Blueberry, were 7, Blueberry was totaled in a wreck.  Willow's a Bluebell replacer, due to the latter's frame rusting, mostly, but a few other smaller things. Blueberry didn't get to the 6 figures, but the other Prizms did and started burning oil. In addition to the oil burning, Bluebell developed a few other quirks/issue, like a broken connection on the air dial that wouldn't let air blow on the windshield without turning the vents up, something with no symptoms detectable to us except a check engine light (maybe a small vapor leak, a code she's had previously or some evaporation system trouble), a gas leak when filled over half (my dad said it was a leaking seam, probably) and a buzz (due to an exhaust leak or some problem there). Blueberry had evaporation system issues when we got her and Bluebell did a few months later. The Prizms achieved 178,615,  70,000 something and 136,614 miles with us, Patti, Blueberry and Bluebell, respectively.  


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Hi! And a belated welcome to you! I'm very happy you found us. I really liked that late-90s/early 00s generation of Corollas (well, of course, I did own a ’98 — LE, beige inside and out, stick, good for consistent over-30-mpg driving). 

I’m looking now at the next-gen crop, the TNGA is pretty amazing and should give Mazda a real run for their money in the sporty-compact class.

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