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Toyota autonomous cars, Lexus product plan

By Dave, June 11, 2018

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Automotive News had two interesting Toyota-related stories today. First, Toyota is leasing part of the Michigan Technical Resource Park, roughly between Toledo and Ann Arbor, including a 1.75 mile oval test track. Half of the inner part of the oval, which measures 60 acres, will be used for testing in city-emulating roads, complementing the oval itself. Along with the test areas, Toyota will be able to use the track’s garage space and machine shop. 

Aisin, a supplier associated with Toyota, is expanding its Fowlerville, Michigan test track at the same time; and Toyota is part of the American Center for Mobility, which has a new 500 acre proving ground in Ypsilanti, between Ann Arbor and Detroit. 

As for Lexus, the product plan is being redeveloped as crossovers have taken over the sales lead from sedans, which may include dropping the GS and extending the ES range to cover the loss; and dropping the IS without replacement. The crossover range goes from the RAV4-like but crazy-styled UX to the three-row RX L, with the possibility of a new, larger three-row like the LF-1 Limitless concept.  

Aren't autonomous cars always going to be 20 years away?

And the answer to a question nobody asked?

I don't want cars that drive themselves. I'd just take a Lyft or the bus if I wanted that.

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