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1998 Toyota Corolla LE, Clutch job procedure question.

By Viole, May 21, 2018

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Alright, so I'm DIYer following the procedure laid out in the Haynes manual for removing the manual trans-axle. My question is about step 17 (Remove the front exhaust pipe.). Most of the other things you remove are parts that attach to the trans-axle, but the front exhaust attaches to the engine exhaust manifold and seems free and clear. Whats the rationale for detaching the exhaust?

Thanks for any input.


I thought I just needed a set of wrenches to get the thing detached but it seems like there just isn't enough clearance for one of the bolts to come out due to the oxygen sensor right on top of it, which cant be removed because of the bolt. Catch 22. Picture of of the problem area added.

Final Edit: I figured it out, bleh its so obvious now. For future reference you just need to take a small pry-bar and make space for the sensor to be removed.

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