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2013 Needs Tlc.... And A Light Switch

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Just purchased this car and already know its had a rough early life. The dash has the ABS light, the traction control light, the BRAKE light, and Maint Req light all on. Code reader is not finding any codes whatsoever. Car runs fine for the few miles I drove it so far. Where do I start and can some of these be all tied together?

I would go to the local dealer and have them take a look and provide you with estimate. I always do regular service like oil change and tire rotation, but do other things (change brake pads, etc.) myself.

With no codes, that makes it tough to figure out. You could try something simple, like disconnect the battery. Post a video to YouTube and link it here.


I believe its going to be the brake relay or the ABS module. Does anyone know a comparitable relay part number that works for these cars? I see them for $90+ but I know all relays can be bought for under $20.