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Water In The Trunk

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I recently noticed some water in the trunk (2007 Corolla). After many trails and checks I narrowed down location of the potential leak as a top right corner of the rear window. The widow is original and there was no any recent damage in this area, but seal at that corner looks a little deformed and not flush with the body of the car. I would attach the picture except that I don't know how.

Anyway, I would appreciate any help how to fix it myself without asking any specialized garage.

And Happy Holiday and Happy Driving to all who find the time to read my post.

I don't know how to fix this, but the voice in my head says to apply silicon seal to the area - ideally to the outside and inside of suspected area. If you can remove any trim inside the vehicle, look for damage or wear. You want the silicon seal to fill in any gap - no matter how small. If you are lucky, you may see water stain to point to area needing attention. Sometimes, water will leak at bottom, but it gets in at the top. If you have a friend that smokes, you can give them a carton of cigarettes and have them smoke in the car with windows rolled up with auto fans on, you may see smoke in the problem area.

Personally, I would go to the glassman and get this fixed properly. Part of what makes safety glass safe, is the seal to the vehicle. If you plan on having the vehicle more than a year, you will want to get this fixed the right way, right away. Also, be sure to get a warranty. Most often, a new glass install will leak in the initial rain, so you may want to have this fixed before the rainy season.

I definitely intend to keep the car longer than year. Right now in my place (Connecticut) it is to cold for any experimentation. Fortunately we don't have any rain or snow in the forecast.But I want to narrow down the potential leak , mostly by pouring water. I already removed trim from the trunk but it is not helpful in location of the leak as the water shows in multiple places.

It is good that you removed trim to investigate. Not seeing any rust is a good sign.

You could experiment with a can of compressed air. It might be good to have someone on the other side look for any disturbance of air. Cans of compressed air can often be found at places that sell computer components.

At that weather I am afraid, I will need to wait till spring.

So far I know that water gets in somewhere at the top of the window. Than it gets to the body and shows up in different places deep in the trunk compartment. So it is diverted in different locations. I will try to narrow down the entry/source of the leak and than use silicone like this:

I was just wondering if somebody had similar experience

Happy New Year to everybody

I suspect issue is not unique to Corolla, or your version. Issue is likely due to extreme weather effects on plastic and rubber.