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Front Struts Replacement

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Hello, I have a 2003 ce and want to replace the front struts. I can remove all the nuts(2 lower, brake hose bolt, 3 nuts on top). My problem is I can't remove the nut on the stabilizer bar. I can loosen it but it doesn't come off. I can ratchet it for as long as i want. It feels like the whole bolt is turning. The back of the bolt is a flat metal disk shape with a rubber padding that goes against the strut. When I start to loosen the nut I can see the bar separating from the strut and there is a little play but once I reach a certain point the nut just keep turning but doesn't come off. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.


Just letting everyone know that I figured out what I was doing wrong. I used a socket (17mm) to loosen it as much as I could. Then I removed the socket and at the end of the bolt.(the end where you start the nut on) there is a opening where you have to put a allen key (6mm). Then you have to use a open or closed end wrench while holding the bolt from turning with the allen key.