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Problem With Driver Door Lock, Mirror, Speaker, Lock Button 2006 Corol

by Mordiev, October 15, 2017

Hello friends, I have a 2006 corolla with a few problems relating to some driver door electric components. I have had the car for about a year. I bought it with the problems so I don't know what caused it. But I believe the driver door was replaced at one point. I looked through this forum and did a few searches and couldn't find anything that seemed like a fit. So here are my problems. Hope someone can help me figure this out.

The key remote works to lock and unlock all doors except the driver's door. No sound comes from the driver door when the others lock or unlock. The same three doors automatically lock and unlock normally when the car is put into drive/park or when the lock button attached to the passenger door is used. When I try to use the lock button attached to the driver's door nothing happens.

The side mirrors are electric. The control is on the dash. I can control the passenger mirror but not the driver's mirror.

Here is the confusing part. All of the electric windows work perfectly. From the driver's door I can control all four windows.

Finally the speaker in the driver's door doesn't work but the one in the passengers door does.

At one point I thought there must be a disconnected wire harness in the door but that is not the case. I opened it up about a year ago and everything was firmly connected to a single control unit with all the window buttons and the door lock button. I don't know what that thing would be called. But since all the wires go to it and only some of the things that are plugged into it work I am not sure if it is the cause or not.

I am grateful for any advise.

Thank You

Could be a break in the wiring to the door lock solenoid and to the speakers. Possible chassis grounding issue as well - but I believe the wiring to the doors carry both signal and ground.

Similar thing happened to my Camry - wiring looked good going into the door and at the connectors, but the wires were broken inside the wire insulation. Had to buzz out the wiring to find all the breaks. Check to make sure that you are getting power to the solenoid and from the switch. If no power - then there is definitely a broken wire in there or immediately outside of the door assembly.

Also a possibility - the control panel, lock solenoid and speaker are all bad in that door. Try to connected the speaker to a known good signal - see if it actually is OK. Same with the door actuator.

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