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P0010 - 2007 Corolla Check Engine - Intake Camshaft Actuator

By joethekerr, July 3, 2017

Hello Corolland - I'm a longtime reader, first time poster. Thanks for the many tips and DIY help.

I was recently driving my 07 corolla and the check engine light came on, but didn't notice any performance issues/weird things. The car had sat for two weeks at a friend's house, but I'd been driving for about 600+km straight when light came on (luckily only 60km from home).

Had a neighbour check the code and it was a P0010, which relates to the OCV/Intake Camshaft Actuator - I think.

After googling around, it seems like the OCV solenoid might be stuck/gummed up - I saw on this forum tips for cleaning the filter/actuator itself. My neighbour recommended running seafoam and an oil change.

I change oil every 8000km/6 months and don't drive it rough.

Does anyone on this forum have any other ideas, or thoughts on seafoam vs removing OCV and cleaning?

Thanks in advance and happy 4th if you're in the US!


Thanks Dom!

I'll try cleaning out the filter ASAP, but I ordered a new OEM OCV ~ $80 just in case that doesn't fix it.

Will let folks know how it works out.


Finally got around to having a look under the hood yesterday and was able to resolve the issue.

I had done a seafoam/oil change without solving issue.

Went to check/clean the filter and noticed that the plastic connector to the OCV was cracked at the base:

Replaced OCV and problem solved. The crack probably caused a one time or intermittent fault since the engine ran smooth for a 2800km journey.

Didn't get around to cleaning filter because that was too tight a space for a hot sunny afternoon.

Replacement part was 15330-22030 and cost $80 USD on eBay.



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