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F$&-+(@@! Rear Ended My Corolla At Red Light

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what an ...I was stopped at red light for about 4 one behind...then I see a Ford escape comming don't stop and Rams my rear..

my car valued under will try to weasel out.. I spent 2 to 3 k in past brakes and tires past month!!!

really bothers me.. stupidity of 6pm

plentiful of rain..

very little traffic..

and I get rammed

Wow man - that really sucks. Hope that you are OK. Yeah, not much you can do about something like this, short of driving a tank. Hopefully insurance will work out, good luck.


I'm thinking about getting a rav4..the new ones the base model anything I should worry about like cat converter or wheel bearing problems with the corollas?

The issues with the converter and wheel bearings were pretty atypical for the 9th gens - I think you probably got one that was assembled on a Friday.

As for the RAV4 - I have two different generations - a 2009 (3rd gen) and 2016 (4th gen) - both are pretty much rock solid. Not really a trail monster - but you'd have purposely do something extreme to get one stuck. Drives like a car and gets decent mileage (~ mid 20's in mixed driving). Maintenance needs are pretty low, like the Corolla.

The big thing is the extra mass - haven't gotten into any major accidents with them - but the added ride height and weight definitely makes it feels very safe.


i just got delivery of the 2017 rav4 le awd,,,

Fish, how to do you keep so many cars ??

doesn't your insurance go throught the roof ??

Awesome! Should be an excellent vehicle. The 4th gen RAV4s were pretty decent to begin with, but with the 2016+ models, they've refined them even more.

Having a spare car or cars for emergency is something that I need to have. Yeah, cost of upkeep, insurance, maintenance, and other costs jump up as well - just have to take advantage of all the discounts to keep the costs as low as possible - do all the work myself, etc.

Starting with a pretty reliable vehicle to start off with helps!