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Front End Rattle 04 Corolla

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Can someone give me the sequence to eliminate front end components for rattle/wear, At 96k, new struts, ball joints, sway bar bushings, control arm bushings. now 109k, well cared for. thanks


I think I would get it inspected..instead of DIY...

unless your proficient in suspension..

ask me why???

I miss diagnosed a sound..which led to catastrophic failure of ball joint on highway while towing a boat on a caravan


Let me put it this way...anybody know if a Toyota Tech would have a sequence to start a check of typical front supension components, bushings etc. for wear that could cause mystery rattles ? Said components on 1st post were replaced. There is no particular rattle driving my nuts. The front end is nice and tight, aligned all the basic is good. I have factory manuals. It could be an old car that under certain bumps make different noises. Checked the inner wheel well liners, under engine plastic shields etc. getting old is not fun.