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2005 Corolla Hose Change

by cirrus, May 2, 2017

Hi everyone....well our 2005 LE is almost at 200K miles....still runs great....burns hardly any oil. So I decide to change out the plugs and radiator hoses as the wife drives this car 99% of the time and she doesn't know something when something is wrong to STOP.

Well I think I messed up with the hoses. I forgot to have the garage change out the heater hoses too...just had them do the upper/lower radiator hoses. Just wondering....are these heater hoses under pressure too?


It's part of the cooling system which is under some level of pressure... You'll be fine though. I'm on all original hoses at 212,000 miles now, and with no intention of replacing them for its last year of use and beyond.

Yea I figured the control for the heater core hoses are probably inside the heater core box and not on the motor so they would be under the same or as you said some pressure like the main hoses were. OTOH....even back in the mid 70's where blowing a radiator hose was not uncommon....I don't think I ever remember losing the heater core hoses! The dealer didn't even want to change the main ones saying they looked and felt fine. If it was my 2011 Corolla that had 200,000 on it I'd leave them as I'd know right away if something was going wrong. But my wife can be oblivious at times to what's going on with the car. She's getting better....but I wanted to be safe with her car.


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