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1994 Ae92R Liftback Conversation

By Bradleyf, February 27, 2017 in Pre-1997 Toyota Corolla and Geo Prizm

Im only a young fella and im wondering if i can do a clean swap of motor. All the running gear in it is 4afe motor and wondering if i can do a clean swap putting a 7afe motor in it?? Thanks

A 1.8L 7AFE swap for a 1.6L 4AFE is pretty common with this generation - as they share many common accessories and are from the same family of engines, definitely a doable. As for able to doing the swap - depends on your experience. For a first time engine swap - as long as you are fairly mechanically inclined and have enough time / money to pull this off - this could be a valid swap for you.

Well i have my father that has done many motor swaps so he will be able to guide me. Have enough money for it all just want to make sure that can swap motors without adding to make the 1.8 fit. Thank you for the reply as well

The exhaust manifold for the 4A may not be tall enough for the 7A, but that's easily fixed with an eBay stainless steel 7A-FE manifold, you'll need a 7A-FE ECM and the matching engine harness, since the 7A uses a knock sensor for better timing control and more engine power. I suggest getting a non OBD2 ECM since you can advance base timing for a little extra torque as long as you use higher octane fuel.

Curious with how's the project now?

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