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2003 Interior Door Trim Coming Off

by Straycat, November 22, 2016

Hey guys--back after a long hiatus with a new(er) Corolla. I bought a nice metallic grey 2003 with a rear spoiler about a year ago. It's in great shape cosmetically, but it has developed one problem:the vinyl trim on the inside of the door (where the door meets the base of the window) has started to separate. Any ideas on the best way to repair/re-attach? Going to post some photos if I can.

It needs to be tucked back down and glued, two ways to do that. The 100% correct way and the still correct but probably won't work 100% perfectly way.

Easy way is to roll the window down and put some glue under the lifted areas then use a blunt tool to tuck the vinyl back under the window trim. May not be perfect, but good enough probably.

Correct way is to pull the door panel, pull the trim off the panel, peel up, and reglue the whole upper edge, then reinstall the trim and door panel.

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