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05 Trunk Jammed

by datmanwolf, October 31, 2016

Backstory: The license plate screws were rusted stuck. So I was trying to remove them. First trying penetrating oil with no luck. Second was vice gripping opposite side of screw and turning with no luck. Then I tried to drill in them to use a screw extractor bit. Got into the first screw fine. Moved onto the second and snapped the bit inside the screw. Obviously frustrated, I gave up after looking inside the trunk and grabbing my tools. I shut it, not hard.

The next day I went to open the trunk and the driver pull didn't work. The key turned the lock but it wouldn't budge. Even the emergency release in the trunk would not release the trunk. I have read about removing the latch bolts from the inside so that the whole thing comes up, but my wife being the audiophile she is, has a subwoofer box in the trunk that is too big to fit through the dropped down seats. It was a struggle to get myself in to try the emergency release.

The most annoying part is when you stop and push down on the trunk, you can hear the lock "click" as if it is reengaging. I don't know if I knocked something loose while drilling into the plate screws, and I checked that they were no where near anything sensitive on the inside. Or if I somehow snagged the cloth from her folding chair in the trunk. Or if I just flat out broke the lock in a random coincidence. I tried brute forcing it as she turned the key and it would not budge. Tried pushing down and pulling as key was turned. Even tried wedging myself into the trunk and push up as she turned key, granted I didn't have a good angle or leverage because of that damned subwoofer.

I am pretty sure I am out of my league at this point and will probably take it to someone, but I figured I would ask here to see if there are any other suggestions.

TL;DR I shut my trunk and now it won't open with key or emergency release inside trunk. No room in trunk to remove latch bolts because of subwoofer and subwoofer too big to fit through back seat opening. HELP?


I actually used that to gain access to the back in order to try the emergency release, good bit to know for future.

Wife took it in today to be looked at. After roughly 2 hours, they got the trunk open. Latch is broken. So gotta get it replaced which sucks, but not much I can do about it now.

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