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Where Is Fish ?

by bhp02, August 10, 2016

I hope everything OK...

really unusual for him not to post...

His last appearance in Toyota Nation was on July 24th at 9:59 pm... Gone but certainly not forgotten. RIP fishexpo101.

what happened to him..?? such a great person??

I have no idea. Maybe he's just on vacation in a remote location somewhere... We'll just have to wait and see.

I'm back!

No worries, just a new job that is keeping me pretty busy - traveling, work hours all over the place, etc.

Connectivity is a little problematic for me in that area - but I should be able to check in every couple of days or so.


welcome back.. Thought you might have upgraded to the BMW or Porsche forum.


Nobody missed me??

Hey Bike, long time no see!

Dan{T.O.O} - Funny you should mention a BMW - "almost" picked one up this past weekend. Mint condition 2013 M5, under 30K miles, asking $43K - MSRP on that one was well north of $100K when new. Just had a funny feeling about it, so I let it pass. Looking for a nice weekend cruiser - but since my son has started to show some interest in cars - might go another route here soon.


I had a little time away with a VW Jetta. That car lasted 264,530 miles and is on it's way out so - I purchased a 2012 Toyota Corolla S. Now I will be asking questions about that!

Now if you were talking about Fish from Barney Miller, he's gone, RIP Abe Vigoda! Sorry, just couldn't resist mentioning such a great actor.

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