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By bxkid, June 14, 2016


I have a 2003, and horn stopped working. Of course I was surprised to see the single wire dangling and not connected to horn, and connector still connected to horn. I guess I need new harness with that connector included with it but cant find anything online. Any help will be appreciated!


Larry K

I think they call that the button assembly - that is NOT a cheap part. Retail price is something north of $700 for just the horn/pad assembly, don't think they just sell the wiring portion you need separately. Might be able get one from Ebay for a lot cheaper.

Probably have better luck trying to fix the connector to the horn yourself (try and resolder the pins to the connector), or try and pickup a part from a local salvage yard. Any 9th gen steering wheel should fit - just make the color. I don't remember a wire running to the horn though, that sounds like something with the clock spring or spiral cable assembly - ie, the airbag.

From what I remember, the horn connector should be right above the center nut - fixed to the steering wheel portion. Nothing to the center pad except the wiring for the airbag.

I'm assuming you double checked the horn relay / verified 12V directly to the horn - before you went through the process of pulling the steering wheel apart.


Called local toyota parts dealer, i ordered a service connector and wire. Actually the wiring broke off at connector so wire is in good shape, and they said I just need to solder in place.


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