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Rear Windshield Defroster Lines

By ProfessorDumbledore, March 15, 2016

Hi all,

I own a 2010 Corolla S which was bought used back in 2013. My first winter brought out the one major issue. There were multiple gaps in the electrical connections of the rear defroster lines which would leave wide swaths of icy, frosty glaciers on my rear window.

The previous owner must have physically scraped multiple areas or used a corrosive/harsh cleaning agent on the rear windshield.

I live in the Northeast so this was a problem, albeit not a major one. I used touch-up conductive paint to repair most of the connections which now seem to be working adequately. However, there's still a large swath at the top of the windscreen that is still not defrosting... despite my best efforts with a voltmeter to find the poor connection.

Due to my OCD tendencies, was thinking to eventually replace the rear windshield...Has anyone had any experience with replacing the rear windshield?


I think on those models, there are multiple circuits that run to the defroster area. Might have to peel back the sail panels to see if there is a bad connector there running to the top part of the grid.

As for pulling the windshield. DIY replacing windshields aren't too bad - as long as you get some help to position the glass. Getting the right sealants can be a little tricky - and if the standoffs get messed up, those can be hard to find. Popping the outside trim - that would be tough without the right SST (special service tools). Too easy to damage/distort that trim. Same with the rear windshield gasket - I think on this model, they call it a 3/4 gasket. Trying to pull it out - might have to cut it out to get the glass out. That means finding the replacement - which isn't usually stocked, have to order those.

For that different in costs - be easier to have a shop install that glass. If there is a leak - they can address it. If you do it yourself and it leaks - you have to dig all that sealant out, shift the glass if needed, etc. Lot of headache for not much savings/labor wise.

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