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Engine Clicking Noise

by andrew567, February 19, 2016


I started noticing a clicking noise in my engine a few weeks ago. 2010 Toyota Corolla, ~36000 miles.

Found a video on youtube that sounds just like it.

At first I thought it was just noise from it being cold here (20 deg F), but after driving for ~15 min it still makes the noise.

Had an oil change 2 weeks ago...can't remember if it coincided with the noise but I'll probably have a local mechanic take a look. Doesn't appear to change with acceleration or turning.

Any thoughts? What things should I be wary of? Thanks in advance.

The first thing i would think that it's valves adjustment should check the valve cap/camshaft clearances.

It's probably the exhaust camshaft timing gear... It is a common problem with the 2ZR-FE engine.

On my 2011 it was the cam timing gear....they replaced both for free as it was still covered under warrenty. They proved it was that by unhooking an oil line but I don't exactly remember now what was done to prove it was the gear. But once changed out the ticking sound was gone.

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