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Cd Player - 2013 Corolla Issue

By BobLevine, February 12, 2016

Have an appointment with my dealer next Tuesday and are on warranty but want to see if there's an external trick to fix this.

Rarely use CD and would have preferred not to have it, but it was standard.

Hadn't played a CD for over a year but decided to play one while waiting to pick up my grandson after school.

Disk would not go in and start up. Could press it in and it then came back out. Indicator always says "CD IN", but eject does not do anything. Only had 3 CD's in car and they are all in the console. I am the only driver.

Sometimes says "Reading Disk", other times says "Check CD". Looks like no CD in but can't see from outside.

Tried a trick to hold power down along with eject for 15 secs. "CD In" flashes but no results.

Anyone had this issue? Did dealer swap radio on warranty?


That's the first I've heard of those errors from that deck - is it possible that the CD you tried to initially insert was slightly warped? I had a problem with CD warping in the car due to extreme temperatures that the interior can hit in the summertime. Now I just burn them on CD-Rs, keep the originals inside the home, and toss them if they get warped.

A warped disc could have could have boogered up that limit switch inside the headunit. Though, more likely that this headunit was defective from the very start, since you mentioned you don't really use it. Might have been sitting on borrowed time and it just decided now to go belly up.

Sounds like it is warranty time. No real trick that I know of other than completely pulling power from the headunit. When that happens, the unit will cycle out any CD that was stuck in it, if there is one inside. But powercycling can make other things in the car unhappy. Best to have the shop look at it - should still be covered under warranty.

Thanks, Fish.

Tried 3 discs and still got the errors and the discs would not load.

Leith will check it tomorrow afternoon. Still on 3/36 warranty + 4 more years from a Toyota Financial Services platinum warranty.

I do get all the crazy problems.

Leith tested the radio, found out that the CD component was totally messed up. opened a Toyota tech case, and ordered a new radio.

Nice - probably the easiest, fastest way to fix it. Let us know when they get it swapped out, maybe they will upgrade it to a nicer unit.

Will do. The appointment is this Friday.

New radio installed.

Same model as old one.

Nice. Hope this one is trouble-free.

Me too. Glad I will have 4 more years of Toyota extended warranty.

Just read in technician magazine at dealer that an attempt to fix an air conditioner on a BMW caused $4,500 damage to the electrical system. Also the heartache of replacing a key on a Mrercedes.

No German cars in my future.

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