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2002 Corolla Spindle Nut, Front, Torque Specs.

by Steves40th, December 21, 2015

Need to check torque as front cv shaft is moving in and out, and want to check specs on everything in there. It was just replaced a while ago.

Front lock nut - 159 ft.lbs (quick online search). Don't have access to my EPC or my FSM right now - so I can't 100% verify it.

Might be able to get a dealership to quote you that number - my local one will do that for me, depending on which person I get on the other end.

A little bit of slop is OK, though sounds like there is excessive movement with those axles - might be the snap ring - could have snapped off or gotten loose.

I checked the torque, 161 ft/lbs on my wrench.

I then put both front tires in the back. I thin it moved the problem.. need to do some more driving. I only did a short distance on Highway..

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