Would It Be Ok To Add A Front Strut Bar

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i own a 1998 Toyota corolla LE i just changed out all 4 struts, and notice i have a front and rear sway bars.

my question is, would it be worth adding a front strut bar for better handling or would it be a waste and i will see no change in handling

Depends on how and where you drive.

5 miles stop and go straight across town?... No.

15 miles from the burbs to downtown?... Not unless you have a lot of exit ramps.

35 miles across 1/2 a county on winding, rolling, or rough country roads into the next town?... Yes.

You already have a front sway bar. Make sure its mount bushings and end links are in good shape, as well as your control arm rear bushings... I do really like my front strut bar, along with rear stiffer Progress sway bar and Ultra racing rear 4-point strut bar/brace.

I'm assuming you mean a front strut tower brace (STB).

Depends on the reset of your suspension setup and if you plan on running a much wider tire in the future. For a mostly stock setup - you'll see almost no change in handling behavior. If you run a wider tire, it could help with initial turn in, quicker transient behavior - but again, almost no change in overall handling.

Some of the aftermarket ones out there are so flexible, it makes them worthless as a STB. More cosmetic than anything else. TRD used to make a steel one for the 8th gen Corollas - but those can be really hard to find, as they have been out of production for some time. Ones that pop up on EBay and similar are extremely pricey. Could also get one fabricated at a machine shop - but then you'll have to make sure the material is appropriate for use in this situation.