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2004 Le 155K Maintenance

by rpitts, November 23, 2015

Bought my Corolla in 2012 at 116k. Regular oil changes with synthetic blend, usually at Firestone if I got an offer too good to pass up. General Ultimax tires last year. Brakes done recently but no transmission fluid changes since I've owned the car. Getting 32mpg running 65-75 mph mostly highway miles, less than 200 / week.

San Francisco Bay Area with moderte temps, little rain :>( and no ice/snow/dusty conditions.

1. Should I replace/flush the transmission now?

2. Should I replae spark plugs, coil packs?

3. Headlights dim and plastic covers dulled. Will try a resurface remedy from Maguiars or??

Suspension still feels fine, no leaks from shocks. Keeping watch on radiator but no signs of leaking. Air filters replaced as needed.

Anything else I should be checking, lubricating or replacing?

Appreciate your advice.

1. Replace all of the transmission fluid (8 quarts total). Drain and remove pan, clean magnets, flush remaining fluid via disconnected cooler line by idling the engine, one or 2 quarts at a time.

2. Spark plugs, yes, Coil over plugs, no.

3. They can be cleaned and polished off. Plastic is of high quality.

4. Replace coolant (flush rad and engine block), brake fluid, and power steering fluid.

Replace leaking intake manifold gasket with revised orange silicone gasket # 17171-22060. Clean MAF/IAT sensor near intake. Clean throttle body and throttle plate. Wash or replace cabin air filter. Inspect all suspension and steering components... Oil capacity was revised in 2005 to an extra 1/2 quart. Revised dipstick measures exactly 18" from center of o-ring near handle, to the full dot mark.

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