Unable To Reinstall Injectors Without Leaking -- O Ring Issue?

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Okay, I'm ashamed to even be writing about this problem, but I'm ready to light myself on fire and need some outside perspective.

I had a possible plugged injector last week, so I pulled it. The O ring had some tearing, so I replaced it with the recommended Victor Reinz O rings (part GS33654). I thought I might as well replace all of them, so I did.

Upon starting the engine back up, at least two of the injector seals were leaking, causing gas to flood outside the engine.

I recall the injectors were tough to get into place with the new O rings and required a good deal of twisting and cramming.

Thinking this might have torn the new rings, I pulled them and, sure enough, tearing.

So I bought a NEW set. I lubricated them with a little oil so they'd slide in easier. They went in perfectly. Started the car up again and--more flooding.

What am I doing wrong here? Is there a secret to inserting the injectors that I (or the dozen sources I've researched) don't know about? Is it possible that the injectors aren't the original, and therefore the replacement O rings aren't the right size? (wouldn't size be uniform for injectors, though?)

I've checked the gaskets as well and they're fine. No tearing.

Again, such a ridiculous problem, but I'm at my wits end. Do you see anything I'm missing?


Where is it leaking - from the o-ring on the injector or from the fuel rail?

Did you remember to put the spacers back in?

Is the fuel rail installed flat against the injectors, not twisted at all?

Might be helpful to clean the bores prior to installing the injectors - possible that some gunk/grit got in there, preventing the o-ring(s) from fully seating.

Sometimes it helps to lube the bore of the fuel rail and the pocket the injectors drop into - sometimes those new O-rings can get snagged or cocked crooked in the bore, causing them to leak. Same thing can happen with the fuel rail side. As for being aftermarket injectors - that is a possibility.

You are correct, this should be a pretty straightforward fix - hard to say exactly what else to look for other than the things I mentioned in my reply. If one of the spacers is damaged, then that could explain why it leaks - the spacer fixes the alignment of the fuel rail and top of the injectors - makes sure the top is flush. Might need to wiggle some things around, verify that you got enough torque on the bolts (I think they are 14 ft.lbs, but don't quote me on that).

I'm also assuming that you didn't disconnect the fuel line from the rail - just swung the rail out of the way to clear the injectors. Possible that the fuel line is putting enough of a load on the rail to twist it enough so it won't lay flush to the top of the injectors.