95 Corollas

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Misses at idle speed, lacks power,stumbles on acceleration, and stalls

This is Pam. I have changed plugs and wires, egr valve and module, o2 sensor, throttle sensor, fuel filter. What should I do next!????? Help!!!

Need a bit more information:

What is the mileage on this 1995 corolla - which engine, the 1.6L 4AFE or 1.8L 7AFE?

When did these issues start, was it all at once - suddenly, or did it slowly get worse?

What did the plugs look like when you pulled them?

Before you got this far, did you happen to check the compression? If compression is bad - nothing you do short of a rebuild will fix any of those issues.

Sounds like you got most of the possible culprits - mostly maintenance items, so good to have these replaced anyways - being part of your diagnostic is just a bonus. You've addressed most of the fuel/fire sources. Only ones left that could be possible culprits are bad ignition coil(s), massive vacuum leaks, faulty fuel injectors, bad replacement parts, general electrical issue, timing is off, or possible faulty ECM.