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O2 Sensor Question

By Dan{T.O.O}, April 27, 2015


I want to replace my front o2 sensor but I have this problem. I'm a bit embarrassed to ask but I can't disconnect the plug .There is a lever or tab on the top. I tried pressing down or lifting up but can't get the plug to come off. I don't want to force it and break the tab off because it looks kind of delicate.I'm sure there is a certain way they come apart but I can't see it. any help would be appreciated.

2003 corolla ce

Press down on the release tab on the back of the female socket, and pull the sensor's male connector out... You may have to work it free a bit to break the bond. What year is your Corolla?


It's a 2003 ce

Might have to wiggle it a bit, may need to persuade it with a small screwdriver to get it past the tabs. Sometimes the connector has factory lubricant to keep moisture out of the plug - might make it hat much harder to get loose. Just keep at it, it will pop loose.


thanks for the repies...I remember reading that someone else had the same issue and provided a drawing or diagram. can't find it for the life of me. don't know if it was on this site or the other one.. one more question...what is the best way to check if you have a leak in the exhaust manifold. don't have access to a smoke machine and will not pay a dealer an excssive amount for that service. will good old soapy water do?

I think I remember seeing it on this site - could be from poster Buurin? Might be a picture floating around on Toyotanation as well.

Exhaust manifold, you could try pressurizing the exhaust (air compressor hooked to tailpipe, stuff something in the opening to keep some pressure in there) - they spray soapy water around the welds, union points, where the O2 sensor bung is, with the engine cold - check for bubbles. For a whole system check - can be difficult, as sometimes leaks will be present that will automatically close when the system gets up to temperature.

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