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By mwn, March 10, 2015

Front edge of moulding pops up. There is a clip attached to the roof that the bottom of the moulding slides into. There is not a clip on the moulding itself. Appears to be a friction fit. Adjusting the roof clip has not solved the problem, any ideas as to how to fix would be greatly apreciated by my daughter, the owner.

Could there be a clip missing from bottom of the moulding.

Possible that a clip is missing or that the clip is too distorted to properly hold onto the trim piece. The trim piece itself can be heavily distorted, causing it to pop up. This is more likely, if you garage the car outside all the time.

My trim is starting to do that on my 8th gen last year - think it started when my car went through a carwash (local touch style) - it grabbed my plate and bent it up as well. Just ended up putting from epoxy on there and gluing the trim down.

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