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Dashborad Light Not Working

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Hey Me and my mate changed my factory radio in a '97 Toyota Corolla and when we finsh we noticed that the dashbord light's did not work we check all the fuse's but we can not find a way to get a round this problem and help would be much appreciated.

Could be burned out bulbs, if the fuses all check out.

When you changed out the factory radio - did you do all the work with the battery disconnected? Did you do a drop in swap (use a wiring harness, ie, plug and play), or did you do any wiring by hand / spliced any wires?

Assuming that the bulbs are fine, fuses are all OK - then that leaves any of the work from the radio swap. Depending on how that was done (wiring harness / spliced wires / battery still connected), could be almost anything.


I saw the title of this post and figured I'd ask my question here.

My boys drive a 2001 Prizm (Corolla in disguise) and they informed me the dashboard lights just stopped working. We haven;t done any electrical work to the car so I'm not sure of the issue.

I have a couple of lights in my 98 Corolla (257,000 miles!) that are out, but I can still read the dash at night. Are these actual bulbs that can be changed or are they LEDs?

Any insight would be appreciated.


Answered my own question.

The issue with the Prizm was all 3 bulbs that light the dash were blown.

They are C194 type bulbs.