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2011 Corolla S Speed Issue

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When driving either in town or the highway and going a constant speed, you will feel he car pull back a little and the rpm needle will go down a little and return. Its like your applying the brakes little, but your not. It will do it several times when I'm going to work, about 20 miles. I've read some forums saying it might be the throttle controller or something about the computer. Took it to a local mechanic who ran the diagnostics on it and could find nothing. It has great acceleration and shifts just fine. I didn't see where it had any recalls,.

Anybody have any ideas what is causing this? Appreciate any help.

Danny in Houston


Thank you very much. Can my mechanic calibrate it or should I take it to a Toyota dealer?


Only Toyota dealers have the calibrations software.




I had this exact issue Dan....took the dealer like 10 minutes to recal and its been fine since then.


Has anyone in Canada had this problem resolved? I called my local dealer and was told they never heard of the problem or the TSB. They want $110 to start a diagnostic. I would appreciate any help.


My dealership can't find a TSB for the 2011 Corolla for this issue. Any suggestions. I am in Canada too.